Daily Cloudt Site Community Guidelines
Last Updated:  April 19, 2012


The nation's founders advocated for robust debate and dialogue among its citizenry and it’s instructive to note that they also valued mutual respect.

We believe, as do many who care about strong civil discussion and action, that democracy works best when ideas and passions contest with one another as strongly as necessary, while also maintaining personal respect for others and for everyone's right to his or her opinion. Debate in a civil society works to strengthen democracy and it works best when people avoid using personal attacks or aggressive language, and focus on argument, explanation and opinions.

DailyCloudt.com is an open civil society forum and this requires a level of trust and responsibility on all sides. So please:

  • express your opinion, leave comments, post stories, and submit photos;
  • engage others in discussion and encourage others to be vocal and participate;
  • address those with contrasting or opposing points of views to your own with respect as fellow citizens, while feeling free to differ strongly with or challenge strongly ideas with which you disagree. This means avoiding name-calling, taking a tone of personal hostility, making attacks based on personal identity or assumed personal identity, or other similar kinds of personal disrespect.

This takes discipline but we have found in testing this aspect of the guidelines that it makes a huge positive difference in creating a forum in which citizens with differing views can actually inform each other effectively and learn from one another.

We ask that all citizen commentators:

  • avoid language that can be read as inciting violence. Most importantly, because we believe that a strong democracy and robust civil society demands respectful and non-violent debate, and second, because such language generates more heat than light, and third, but not insignificantly, because it causes legal issues. No violent language or language that can be read as inciting violence will be allowed to remain here;
  • not be afraid of sharing an unpopular opinion -- please always express yourself. Disagreement is great as long as it is done in a respectful tone and not communicated in a way that personally demeans others.
  • inform us of abuse. Report issues via email flag@dailycloudt.com and please include a brief description (with link(s) if possible) and the date(s) of the issue it is you are reporting;
  • not post pornographic or sexually explicit material. It is really important that young people participate in democracy and learning about issues is often a  family activity that should be free from this type of material;
  • understand that stalking, threats, harassment, or the revealing of other members' personal information is illegal and will not be tolerated.

Again, there are important democracy-building reasons for asking citizen commentators to participate in respectful debate and disagreement: we believe in free speech but we also believe that mindless hostility in public discourse just keep citizens ill-informed, and we have faith in the importance of citizens becoming re-accustomed to addressing one another with civility.


DailyCloudt.com also respects its users as citizen journalists, and this approach comes with guidelines for use of the site.

  • As citizen reporters and citizen pundits, we ask that when you make a factual assertion to add a source link (where possible). This link should be something that can be what journalists call "double-sourced" -- meaning you can find confirmation of this material on another credible site or within a credible document.
  • Please disclose direct conflicts of interest -- again, Journalism 101.

Please abide by these fair community guidelines as part of the expectations for using DailyCloudt.com, a moderated, inclusive, non-partisan site.

Also, please remember that your use of the DailyCloudt.com is always subject to the DailyCloudt Terms and Conditions.